Latest Track Information: 

The Mangapurua Track is open. It will be muddy and slippery, especially after rain. The track is narrow in some places so dismount and walk through these sections. Watch out for falling rocks at bluff sites. Staff are still working on the track so take care and listen to their instructions. The Kaiwhakauka Track remains closed until further notice. 

From the flanks of Mt Ruapehu to the coastal shores of Whanganui, the Mountains to Sea Cycle Trail is a route encompassing majestic mountains, stunning native forest, and the spiritual, cultural and historical highlights of the Whanganui River.

Part of the New Zealand Cycle Trail, the Mountains to Sea Cycle Trail traverses the alpine majesty of Mt Ruapehu, historic coach road and bridle trails, tranquil indigenous forest via two National Parks, the legendary Bridge to Nowhere, a jet boat transport option for the Whanganui River link to Pipiriki, and a country road trail abundant with history and culture alongside the Whanganui River from Pipiriki to the Tasman Sea at Whanganui.

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"A fantastic mountain bike adventure from the central plateau volcanoes, across massive viaducts and the Bridge to Nowhere and down through Whanganui National Park to the Tasman Sea." (Kennett Brothers)